The section Categories has the classification of ships sorted according to class, usage, and tonnage. The section can be found on the left hand side on the home page. By clicking one of the topics under Categories, all documentation currently in force for that class will be available in the mid-section.

The information at the top is the main technical regulation, which usually contains a capital letter in the title (e.g. Notice from the Faroese Maritime Authority B) followed by other relevant regulations sorted by newest to oldest.

When clicking on the main technical regulation a table appears, which contains an overview of notices from the Faroese Maritime Authority including changes to the regulations. Clicking on one of these notices will open up an overview of the technical chapters, which are listed in roman numerals and title. In the Year column you find a date, which refers to when the notice came in force as well as the technical chapter’s day of publication. Dates marked in green symbolize the newest version (in force) while dates marked in red are historic versions. Historic does not mean that the regulations are invalid, but merely shows that there is an updated version of the regulation. Historic publications are still valid on ships, which were built at the time the publications were written (Grand-Father-Clause).